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How to use emulsion pump head

2019-05-22 H:40:47

How to use emulsion pump head

The stress distribution rule  the fatigue life distribution state of the emulsion pump head under the condition of physical stress are analyzed,  the improvement measures for the structure of the pump head are put forward based on the analysis results. According to the working condition  structural characteristics of the pump head, the process route of the pump head body  material, blank, large diameter hole nesting, turning step hole, milling inch thread, rolling to hydraulic autofrettage is given. The characteristics of the trepanning drill are emphatically analyzed. The structure type of workpiece rotation  external chip removal is selected,  the drilling related technology of the casing drill is analyzed in detail, such as cutting power  cutting parameters Selection, cooling  chip removal,  nesting drill is different  the ordinary hole processing equipment auxiliary device.


As the core part of the plunger pump's hydraulic end, the emulsion pump body bears great pressure. Therefore, the finite element analysis of the pump body is of great significance for improving the reliability  rationality of the product design. Due to the particularity of pump head structure, the key to reduce production cost  improve product competitiveness is to study its processing technology  improve processing efficiency. The motion law, pulsating flow  pressure fluctuation caused by pulsating flow are analyzed,  the related factors causing pressure fluctuation are obtained, which provides theoretical basis for the design  improvement of plunger pump,  also provides important theoretical basis for analyzing the stress state of pump head body.

Emulsion pump products introduction: applicable products: shower gel, shampoo, hand sanitizer, detergent  other daily chemicals.

Pump output: 4.0 ± 0.2g

Usage: the first pumping out only needs 3-4 times to eject

Vacuum test: after 15 days of vacuum test. Multi layer leak proof setting

Color: a variety of colors are available, customized according to your requirements!