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What are the classifications of daily chemical pump heads?

2020-07-31 H:18:35

What are the classifications of daily chemical pump heads?

Daily chemical pump heads are divided into categories: pump heads for incinerators (military, civilian)  non-incinerator pump heads

Classified by industry, it can be divided into: petrochemical pump head, agricultural pump head, textile pump head, bathroom pump head, paper pump head, environmental protection pump head, spray pump head, chemical pump head, steel pump head, electronic version road pump head.


The function of daily chemical pump head can be roughly divided into: spray pump head, fuel injection pump head, sandblasting pump head, landscaping irrigation pump head, rocker pump head for agricultural field irrigation, agricultural greenhouse micro-pump head, industrial protection Dust pump head  special pump head.

According to the shape classification, it can be divided into: hollow cone pump head, solid cone pump head, square pump head, oval pump head, sector pump head, column flow pump head, two-fluid pump head, multi-fluid pump head  so on.

According to the data classification, it can be divided into: metal pump head, plastic pump head, ceramic pump head, alloy pump head.

Special industry pump heads: jet pump heads, catalytic cracking pump heads, Texaco pump heads, pelletizing pump heads, sandblasting pump heads, etc.